How will this program help me?

Lesson one helps you facilitate digestive processes, so that you can stop feeling foggy and have clarity. You’ll learn about the intricate way your gut works within your body, from your mouth all the way through to your colon. You also learn about hydrochloric acid, stomach enzymes, bile, pancreatic enzymes and digestive hormones.

Lesson two helps you translate your body signs so that you can go from being puzzled to becoming aware of what’s happening within your body. You’ll learn about bowel motions, different stool types, floating versus sinking, various colours and frequency. You’ll also learn about various body signs such as your tongue, mouth, nails and eyes. As your body changes internally, so do these body signs.

Lesson three helps you initiate diet changes so that you can stop blaming all sorts of foods for your current symptoms to choosing better foods that better suit your gut and body at the moment. You’ll learn about various foods that can aggravate your gut symptoms initially such as sugar, starch, mould, yeast, fermented, inflammatory and FODMAP foods.

Lesson four helps you eradicate gut parasites, worms, viruses and yeast overgrowth so that you can go from feeling in despair to having hope. You'll learn what these are, common signs and symptoms associated with these and what the best pathology tests are to pick these up. You’ll also have access to my various treatment plans so that you can remove gut parasites, worms and yeast overgrowth safely from your body.

Lesson five helps you eliminate Helicobacter pylori, lower gut bacterial infections, overgrowths and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, so that you can go from feeling dread every time you eat to being able to tolerate various foods again. You’ll learn what these various bacteria are, common signs and symptoms, the best pathology tests to check for these and have access to my various treatment plans so that you can remove any bacterial infections or overgrowths safely from your body.

Lesson six helps you reinoculate your beneficial gut bacteria, so that they can go from being unbalanced to living in harmony within your body. You’ll learn all about beneficial probiotic bacteria, where they live, the different types, what ones to use for specific health conditions, shelf stable versus fridge probiotics, what to do when travelling, when you are best to take them and probiotic foods. You’ll also learn about prebiotics which are the foods that feed your beneficial probiotic bacteria.

Lesson seven helps you innovate new ways of managing stress so that you can shift from feeling flat to feeling more positive. You’ll learn about the impact that stress has on your gut, what happens when you're stressed, the stress hormone cortisol and the impact this has on your gut lining short term and long term. You’ll also learn about Secretory IgA and its importance in maintaining a healthy gut, plus some simple ways to help manage stress, food options and various supplements you can take.

Lesson eight helps you cultivate your cells by learning how to check for food aversions, so that you can stop feeling worried about lots of foods and start feeling relaxed around meal times. You’ll learn about food allergies, food sensitivities, food intolerances, coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. You’ll also learn about the best pathology tests to check for these and the elimination diet.

Lesson nine helps you reinvigorate your gut lining so that you can go from being inflamed to feeling soothed. You’ll learn about upper and lower gut inflammation, leaky gut, the causes and the best pathology tests to check for this, as well as gastric reflux, the causes, risk factors, reflux medications and the treatment to address these. You’ll also learn about various foods, herbs and nutrients to assist with healing your gastrointestinal tract and how to reintroduce foods following one of the Rejuvenate Your Gut Health Diets once you've completed the initial weeding stage.

Lesson ten helps you evacuate out stored toxins, so that you can stop feeling clogged and start feeling clear. You’ll learn about your internal acid-alkaline pH levels, toxicity, detoxification, elimination, liver function, liver phase one and two pathways, nutrients and foods to support this, as well as various pathology tests to assess your liver function. We’ll also cover various cleansing programs such as fasting, fruit & vegetable cleansing, juice fasts, vitamin C flush, liver gallbladder flush and enemas.

Lesson eleven helps you recreate and challenge the way you let stress affect your body so that you can shift from feeling stagnant to feeling like you’re making progress. You’ll learn about your gut enteric nervous system, vagus nerve, gut neurotransmitter production and the impact stress and relaxation has on these. You’ll also learn about your gut-brain, heart-brain and the importance of these, plus we’ll discuss gratitude, thoughts, perception, forgiveness and how you handle situations.

Lesson twelve helps you feel liberated by learning about various foods so that your cells can go from just surviving to thriving for long-term wellness. You’ll learn about food being your best medicine, simple healthy eating tips to live by, food additives, heavy metals, toxic plastics, vitamins produced by your gut bacteria, the folate MTHFR gene, blood type diets and how to reintroduce foods on the Revitalise Your Gut Health Diet.