What is the program overview?

Pure Gut Health is a 12 step program with a new lesson being released every week, that helps you address blocks you may have on a physical, mental or emotional level.

The soil of your garden is like the lining of your digestion. In order for your garden to produce vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, you must look after your garden well. This involves three simple steps.

  1. So what we’re gonna do over the next 12 weeks is weed your gut to get rid of any stressors you have and fertilise your cells, so that you can restore your gut and feel more balanced.
  2. Next we’re going to seed your gut to provide your cells with the right nutrition and energy to germinate, so that you can rejuvenate your gut and reduce inflammation.
  3. Then we’re going to feed your gut, nourishing your cells and harvesting the positive results, so that you are revitalised and have more energy.

So when you do, you’ll be in the flow and get better, you’ll grow and get better and then you’ll glow and get better.