Pure Gut Health is a 12 step program that helps you address any blocks you may have on a physical, mental or emotional level.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, distressed, defeated, discouraged or just don't know what the next best step is to take?

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Would you like to learn about your entire gut, pathology tests, treatment plans, diets, stress affecting your gut and much more?

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Hi, my name is Helena Davis, Gut Health Expert, Wellness Leadership Coach, Speaker and Naturopath. As the founder of Pure Gut Health, I help people with gut ailments, improve their mood, increase their energy and restore their digestive health. What I'm passionate about is empowering you to live symptom free quality lives.

I have had my own personal journey with gut health problems. My battle with this has resulted in me specialising in this area and developing the Pure Gut Health program to improve the lives of others. I am extremely passionate about this topic and love sharing my knowledge and learnings to help educate and empower you.

My Pure Gut Health program is available online. I am also available for private consultations in Melbourne or skype/phone if you are interstate or overseas.

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